Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New This Week

Only my chicken run has a basketball and a bowling ball.  (Compliments of the kids.)
We have 6 chicks.  Some from an order on line, some from one farmer, and some from another farmer.  This chicken has become mama hen to them and she calls them to her where they hang out with her and keep safe and warm. 
My son is holding Berger King like a parrot.  I guess she thinks she is one.  She is as pretty as one!
Peach Raspberry Pie Filling---Yum!
More Pot Holders this week.  I have been canning peaches. 
New pot holder.

My favorite of the newly crocheted pot holders.
I like the flower-centered pot holders.

Thanks for viewing! 

In case you were wondering, my bird cage at the top right hand side of my blog disappeared.  I guess I will have to change my design again.  

I hope you and yours have a blessed day!  Dawnie

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