Sunday, July 7, 2013

This Week

Last week our dog was lost and then found.  It was such a joy to have her back.  This week my son found someone's dog.  It is about 30-35 pounds, a boy, maybe a Beagle.  I am thinking he may be a Jack Russell, Basset Hound, Beagle mix.  He has one leg that goes in like Basset Hound legs--one goes in more than the other.  He is potty trained and his nails are groomed.  He is gentle and likes to hang around me.  He followed my son home last eve and we live in SW Wichita.  I am sure someone is missing him.  Contact me if you know anything about this lovely dog.

I completed a baby boy vest and I want to show you the picture.  All came out well, except I am not impressed with the stripe edges.  Crocheted with Merino wool.  

We also took two more roosters to Larry's Rooster Refuge/Resort or Old Goat Ranch---whichever name you wish to use.  Anyway, I am showing pictures of the trip and once we arrived there.  Also pictures of other chickens and of other animals from another farm.
On the way..........
The best looking rooster on the way to the ranch.
One Roo at home.
This is the last one we took to Larry's.  Isn't he pretty!
Another view of the pretty guy!
The babies at Larry's Ranch are growing.
This was a mini pig.  It grew a little more than expected.  LOL
This farm has peacocks and all kinds of beautiful animals!
This is a picture of the roosters before they were as large as they are now.  They were the best looking out of the bunch, so I told the kids the one on the right would be a boy for sure.  I was right.  I just didn't expect 2 to be roosters. 

 I hope you had a wonderful week.  I was able to spend time with friends and family.  I even went to an auction in Smith Center, Kansas.  The wheat harvest is going strong.  Blessings to you and yours!  Dawnie 

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