Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Updates on Clucks and Christmas Eve Activities

I am almost as tall as the recipe notebook!   Eat Beef!

I am too big for the pot, so it is now a perch!

Our Kettle Of Red --- Overflow!  Here are the Custer Clucks....
I want you to see the progress or the chicken growth.  The kids and I are anticipating these 5 hens going to "the Big House," or "the Chicken Mansion."  We should have more little ones coming next week.  The new chicks are replacements for the chicks which did not arrive alive in the last shipment.  We paid extra for the replacements to arrive quickly, so we hope there are no losses this time.  

On Christmas Eve our family volunteered at a local shelter serving food to the homeless.  Son D had been there before, so he knew what to expect.  Daughter A wants to go back again and volunteer.  Son G has decided it was a good thing, but it is too depressing and he wishes to never return. 

A on the left and G in the hood on the R

Proof that they worked.  LOL




See the bad habits the kids are teaching the chickens.

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