Sunday, January 6, 2013

Apron Strings

My son thought the hat went with the apron when I was modeling it.
I finally finished an apron I started about 3 years ago.  My mom and I made the design so it would fit a larger woman's figure.  I had other apron strings to sew on, and a different design for around the neck. The black lace was next to the unfinished apron and it just looked so good together.  Of course, I placed black lace ties on the apron and around the neck I added lace with elastic.  I gathered the fabric around the front of the neck and used seam binding to face it.  There are darts at the side and the front waste is gathered with elastic stretched out as it is sewn across, making it gather.   I really like how this turned out.  I do have strawberry buttons to sew on, but they are in my storage locker.  If only I had a lot of money and a house large enough to house all of my crafts and hobbies.............Maybe that desire will have to be for another life time.   I guess I could just ask for a wealthy man on the internet.......The kids think I should just ask for what I want.   This evening we went to WalFart (sorry, but my pet name).  Mr. G yelled out the window at an attractive man walking by, "Hey, My mom thinks you're hot."  The man got in a nice little sports car and drove by the van twice---once real slow.  Mr G said that I should have engaged him in conversation.  I told him as soon as I said anything, he would ask me "How much?"  We were at the WalFart on Broadway, so what did he expect?  LOL

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