Thursday, January 17, 2013

Early Valentine's Day

My son is 20 and working at his first job sacking groceries at a local grocery store.  I have been transporting him to and from his place of employment until today.   Today he rode his bike because my van is having issues.  He had to be there at 6am.  He also got paid today.  He has not received many pay checks yet and he has not been able to save any money either.  Unfortunately he gets that trait from me.  They had Valentine's Day items on display at the grocery store, so D cashed his check and bought a box of singing chocolates and a human sized bear for his fiance.  After work, D had to go to school so he rode his bike to school with the big Teddy bear on the back of his seat and Teddy bear arms wrapped around him.  His fiance attends the same school.  Can you imagine riding your bike several miles with the bear on the back of your bike?  You know he got a few stairs.   Wasn't this so romantic?  He is not afraid to tell his feelings, even if he is laughed at.  I think he is a bigger man than most men, even though he is only 20 and he will always be my little boy.

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