Monday, January 2, 2012

Honeysuckle Rose

I am not sure if I should call this soap Honeysuckle Rose or as my son said, "My Heavens."  After that part of the statement, he continued to say, "you have a lot of soap!"  Hee Hee Well, I have sold and given away a lot of soap lately, so my supply is down quite a lot. 

I tried the new red velvet color from Bramble Berry.  It is much darker than I expected, but I do love the color.  I planned a slight color variation, due to not fully mixing all of the soap with color.  I did get a little of that color variation.  The bottom has a rose fragrance.  It came out very pretty.  On the top is the honeysuckle fragranced soap.  I used an oxide to color this green.  It was darker than I expected also.  I usually make much larger batches.  I tried something a little different with this batch.  I tossed rolled balls into the soap, after rolling the green balls in green glitter.  Some of the balls were partially white or lighter green, depending on the amount of  color mix in the soap.  When I said I tossed the balls in, I meant I tossed hard, so they may go to the bottom, or still hang on the top of the soap loaf.  I like the random variation in the soap bars.  Thank you for viewing!  Blessings to you!  Dawn 

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Tracie said...

very nice..i hope it smells good as it looks..