Monday, January 23, 2012

Blue Balls Soap

I finished making a new soap.  It has a combination of fragrance oils and essential oils, but has mostly a lemony smell.  I used an in the pot swirl of a medium blue color and soap balls rolled in tiny, royal blue, ball-shaped jojoba oil beads.  The soap balls may have a tiny amount of green, yellow, and brown in them.  There are also tiny blue blue jojoba beads sprinkled on the top of the soap.  I think this  soap should appeal to both men and women.  Lemon is a smell that most people equate to as clean.  This is a non-glitter soap, so men do not worry about getting glitter in their chest hair, which is a look I personally like.  LOL  I think this is the last of my ball soap for a while.  After removing the soap from the molds, I found that there some little gaps at the edges around the balls here and there, so I will need to trim some.  Yes, that is a hair on the second bar at the top.  It is in the design.  Did I not say hair was part of the decoration???  LOL  Thank you for viewing my blog.  May God bless you and yours!  Dawn
No hair this time.

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