Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simple Pleasures!

Today is one of those days, a little rain and a quiet morning at work.  I looked around me and found some simple pleasures that made me feel very blessed.  These are also great inspirations to me.  The flowers on my desk give me such inner joy.  A rose from Tracie, the groundskeeper, is in my teapot vase with a giant white iris from my front yard.  A gift of chocolates from a kind resident is scattered on my desk.  The   Internet up and running and fast!  What blessings!!!  Last evening we were on our way home and my son saw a rainbow.  I am not usually as observant about those things since I like to keep my eyes on the road as I drive.  LOL  I took a couple pictures and if you look real well, you will see a pinkish rainbow in the center of the sky.  Blessings to you and yours!  Dawn  

p.s.  I tested Jump for Joy soap last evening on Joy, our 6 pounds of jumping joy, and I also tested it on myself.  I like to test my products on family and friends before I sell them so I can tweek recipes in case there are any problems.  I must say that Joy is softer and cleaner today.  It worked well for me too.  The anise star on the top of each bar gave my test bar more fragrance.  For  someone that did not like a lot of floral, this would be a great soap, even though it is intended as a dog soap.  The lime and mint are more predominent in the fragrance.

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Anonymous said...

Your so sweet dawn..I'm very glad to have you in my life..not only are you a co-worker but also a great friend..thanks...