Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jump for Joy!

The new soap is finished, except to cure.  The soap is 100% natural and full of essential oils that repel bugs and help with the scalp, along with the benefits of herbs and goats milk.  It is named Jump for Joy! because our new dog is named Joy.  Joy was her name prior to us finding her in Enid at the SPCA.  I am having new labels made for the soap and they have a little dog that looks like Joy on the label and a child blowing bubbles.  The dog is jumping after the bubbles. 

I also made a small batch of a soap I call Scraps, using soap scraps and regular soap batter together.  I put a few too many soap scraps into regular soap, so it does not stick together along the edges as it should.  It will work for family and friends though.

The wool I won arrived on Saturday.  I won the fiber from Cintia Sadrith Mora, at the Fiber Farm, in Corning California.  Here are pictures of what arrived in the sack and also some combed samples.  I will attach more pictures when I have spun more than a tiny sample. 

May your new week be full of blessings!  Dawn

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