Friday, May 27, 2011

Homepsun Wool and Angora Child's Hat

This what is left from what I spun.  Doesn't it look like flannel?  There is another wool yarn under this yarn popping out.

I spun some of the wool that I won from Cintia Sadrith Mora, at the Fiber Farm, in Corning, California.  It looked like gray flannel.  I made a 3 ply yarn with this wool and two other plies.  A second ply was also from a Merino X wool but it was brown.  I mixed this strand with a little teal wool here and there,  giving the yarn a tweed effect when it was twisted with the other two plies.  The third ply was made from our white angora rabbit hair.  This brown/gray/white yarn was very interesting, especially with that teal tweed effect.   I then knitted the yarn into a child hat, with an unusual pattern similar to a military garrison hat.  At the bottom of the hat I used a 2 ply yarn made with the above wool, leaving out the brown Merino X.  There are 3 gray buttons along the seam.  I tried to take several pictures, but my normal hat stands are in use, so I used volunteers and a glass vase.  Thank you for looking and may your home be filled with warmth and happiness!  Dawn

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