Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Addition To MyTeapot Collection

Last week I was at Pier 1.  They have an area with discounted items.  I saw a rose teapot in the discounted area, so I had to investigate.  It was broken.  I usually hesitate purchasing a teapot with a flower bud at the top on the lid, or something like that because it usually breaks off.  I also do not like purchasing ceramic teapots since they chip easily.  Most flower teapots are ceramic and this teapot was china and very detailed.  Behind the broken teapot was another teapot which was unopened.  I opened it and it was in perfect shape!  It was also discounted to just a little over twelve dollars.  What a good deal for a teapot addition!  I have a limited space to display my teapots, so I will remove a teapot to display this one.  One of my friends or  relatives will be receiving a teapot for Christmas now.  LOL  Blessings!  Dawn

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