Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some Days are Better Than Others!

Saturday was an odd day for us.  We had to put our little dog to sleep, so we said goodbye to our faithful friend and companion Annie.  I am posting a few pictures of her.   We will miss her!

See the smile on her face?
She was dog tired.
See her roll her tongue.  LOL
I also got my mail and found this odd letter in it.    Let me explain, my husband passed away more than two years ago.  This letter is to him.  It starts out, "When will it be too late for you to qualify, Robert Jones?...No medical exam needed."  Unless they have bring back the dead insurance, why am I getting this ???  I know that it takes a while for marketers to get names off of lists, but you would think insurance lists would be better at it.  I guess not.

I was able to hang out at Twist Yarn Shop and The Flying Pig.  They are two of my favorite shops in town.  You may even find my products in these shops from time to time.  I learned that a small bath fizzie, or bath bomb is good for feet soaking or to put in a foot bath.  What a great idea Shelly, from Twist, gave me.

Occasionally you have a need for a paper doilie.  I just received these from Fancy Flours. 
Life is too short for ugly.  LOL

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and may God Bless You!
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