Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pretty Pink Peppermint!

Pretty Pink Peppermint....Say that 10 times real fast.  I can't.  LOL
My soap room is pink again.  Yesterday I made pink peppermint bath bombs.  I used some pink mica and colored jojoba beads for added beauty.  At times, but not often LOL, I get a request to make bath products without glitter.  I prefer tons of glitter on most everything and at our house, we all wear it accidentally due to the fact that it gets on everything.  We teased each other a burglar we previously had at home, could be identified by the glitter on the bottom of his shoes.  I think I watch too much CSI.  LOL  I thought the colored jojoba beads would be great to add a little extra pizazz to bath and beauty items without the glitter.  I also made some of the bombs in small heart shapes so they would be great in foot baths.  Just the right size and with peppermint essential oil for that soothing effect.   It will also relax your muscles, help with foot pain, and of course it would leave your feet smelling minty fresh!

On these photos, you may notice my new tags.  I glitterized them too.  Glitterized may not be a word in your language, but it is in mine.  LOL
I think I showed you this hand towel before.  Just in case you did not see it, I am showing it off again, in the more wrinkled version.  I had a pillow case with this nice crocheted basket on it.  The case had wear and a small hole on it, but not on the side of the case with the crocheted basket.  I just did a little sewing and made the pillow case into a hand towel.  It is always better to re-purpose than to toss away hand made beauty. 

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