Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nesting Again!

I wanted to make a nest using a sustainable product that I already had.  I tried using paper shreds before and that was OK, but the nests came out large since the shreds were larger. The bottom left hand side is the nest I made.  Well, what do you think of my finished product?  What do you think I used? 

Oh, I thought I would show you my duck.  LOL  OK, it is my son with chip lips.

So, have you figured out what I used to make the nest?  I'll confess, I used wool and needle felted the nest.   I used a Merino cross sheep wool and it has a lot of crimp.   Of course, it is soft too.  Some of the wool has been opened and some is still together on the tips.  I plan to put 3-5 egg-shaped bath bombs, (or fizzies), into the nest.   What do you think?

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