Saturday, February 26, 2011

Passion for Pink

This week I was packing boxes of my products and getting other products ready for display in 2 local stores.  Until this time, I hadn’t realized how pretty my products, wrap, labels, etc. were when they are placed together and spread out on the table.  I have a round oak table in the area a normal person would have a coffee table.  It is in front of the couch in the living room.   I find that it is easier for me to use it for placing my coffee/tea cup, to photograph my products, or when I need a table to place my knitting chart as I curl up on the couch.  I must confess that I eat at this table quite often too.   I had a silly moment a couple months ago and I got cable TV.  One of those bundle things so my son can play 360 live.   I am addicted to HGTV and murder mysteries.  When I can get the remote!  You understand that when a male is in the home, he seems to feel that the remote is his property and he is in charge of TV entertainment.  If two men are in the house, it goes to the older man.   lol   My table even looks a little romantic with all these items spread out on the table.  On the table, my tags have pink lace ties, fragrant pink rose bath fizzies , pink bubble wrap, pink packing shred, pink tissue paper, pink calico fabric bags…   Look at all of this pink!  Did I ever tell you that I like pink?  I know that I wear a lot of blue so I can accent my eyes, (He He), but I prefer to decorate in pink.  Don’t tell me that I am the only one with a passion for pink.

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