Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bath Fizzies

drying fizzies

glitter on top

see how pretty the water is

the pitcher running over

I made some new bath fizzies.  Some are strawberry fragrance with red glitter and some are cherry almond with pink glitter.  These are such fun when you put them in water and let them fizz away.

This morning I cleaned some glitter off my shoes.  I wore these shoes yesterday while I was smoothing some soap edges and I apparently dropped some glitter on them.   I think I live in the right state for wearing glittered shoes.  From the Wizard of Oz,  Dorothy had ruby slippers.  She clicked her heals together three times and said there is no place like home.  Most of the time you see the slippers decorated with red glitter.

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Blue Goose 5000 said...

My heart bubblith over!!!