Sunday, February 6, 2011

Leprechaun Fields

My new soap named Leprechaun Fields is setting up in the kitchen.  (about 22 pounds)  One of the things I like about making soap is the unveiling of the soap several hours later.  You never know for sure what it will look like.  You pour the semi-liquid into the mold, you swirl colors, add other good ingredients for interest, add ingredients for your skin, and then you sprinkle the top with glitter or other goodies and it all sets up.  You cut the soap and allow it to cure for about a month.  Stamping an imprint on the soap allows for a little more interest and beauty.  The color may change a little during the cure.  I placed some sea kelp into the main color.  Sea kelp sometimes adds a little green speckling as the bar sets up.  There is some minor lavender swirling in the soap along with more dark green swirling and under the green glitter, you see some purple glitter peeking out.

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