Tuesday, May 26, 2015

In the brooder

We have 4 Polish chicks in the brooder.  Two like to perch on the edge.  These Polish chicks are the most docile chicks we have ever had.  Usually the chicks jump out on occasion before they are ready to move to the "big house."  Then we chase them around to catch them.  These gals just stay in one spot and let us pick them up.  Last night was another story for one.  We had a major thunder clap while 2 were perched on the edge like in the picture.  One of them jumped inside of the brooder and the other jumped off and ran to hide.  I don't blame her at all!
Aren't they adorable!!!

I have changed the packaging for Slippery When Wet.  I am trying to get everything I advertise with to fit together.  Packaging and shipping items to me are advertising too.

 The tissue paper can be any color to go with the logo, but I prefer to use pink. 

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