Friday, May 15, 2015

Business Cards and Stickers

After I purchased my new logo, I had business cards printed.  I experimented with cards and placement of my logo on them.  My original thought was to place the logo on a white background.  This was harder to read since the logo is made with pastel colors.  Just by off chance, I placed background colors behind the logo.  Turquoise was nice. Dark purple was also equally nice. However, when I used black it spoke to me.  Photos of my new stickers and business cards are on this post.  My sign is not here yet, but it will look just like these.  I hope the sign gets here in time for me to use it at my first summer event.   I ordered logo decals for more jars.  I think it would look great with canning butter, sugar scrub, etc.  If someone purchases a product, the jar with my logo is reusable after the product is gone.

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