Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I purchased one of those new gadgets to use for putting snaps on clothing and other odds and ends.  I am addicted.  I originally purchased the gadget for putting snaps on the back of baby bibs.  I ordered the gadget first and then I made several bibs, experimenting with the size and shape.  I waited for the item to arrive.  It came rather quickly, but the snaps took another couple weeks to arrive.  I had to order more colors this weekend because I am addicted to the fun!  I gave away some of the bibs, but here are the results:

I purchased the tool for attaching snaps at:
I purchased the snaps at:
The best bib pattern is here:

I made a few changes in the shape and I placed snaps on the bottom so there could be a pocket.  As you see, the pocket goes out a little.  The placement of the upper snaps is 1/4" in so it would help the pocket poke out and work better.  The bib can be unsnapped for washing.  I used cotton quilting fabric for the top and flannel for the back.  After experimenting with one piece of flannel and one piece of quilting fabric, I thought they should have 2 pieces of flannel and one piece of quilting fabric for the top.  One piece of flannel didn't seem thick enough for catching spills.  I tried fleece and other backings, but they did sew as smoothly as flannel.

The snaps are easy to put on.  I only had one that did not quite stay on right.  I am sure that I had the tool over too far, or something like that.  If you are wondering about purchasing a snap setting tool, you can get them at local fabric stores.  I do a lot of purchases on line so I ordered mine on-line.  I hope my projects were inspirations for you.  If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.  Thank you for looking at my blog!  Dawnie

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