Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An Unwritten Rule

It is an unwritten rule in an apartment community, if you have an item to get rid of and it is still a good item, place it by the dumpster so someone else may see it and make a claim on it.  Of course, there are times people do not get trash into the dumpster and it is not something to give away.  This week T found some china by the dumpster.  It is not a complete set.  I don't know anything about it, but it is very old.  Look at all of the butter pats.  How often do you see them with today's china?
I had a  discussion with a friend about butter pats, bone dishes, and salt dips. These three items along with vinegar cruets are no longer on most tables.  My friend said he was the paper and plastic kind of guy and he didn't know what butter pats, bone dishes, and salt dips were. LOL 

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