Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hidden Gem

I was sorting through some things the other day and I came across a tea cozy all completed except for the lining.  I handspun the yarn for the cozy and I crocheted it.  I wonder how many projects I have which are almost finished???  LOL   A few years ago, the basement flooded.  My craft studio was in the basement.  We had to pull out the wet carpet and toss a lot of items that were water logged.  When we were doing the clean up, we stacked things on top of each other with little organization .  I am grateful for placing this tea cozy in a plastic bag, because I have a feeling I put it aside to do the flood clean up and I forgot about it.  I am also grateful that I put a tag on the cozy identifying the fibers in the handspun yarn.  I have many different types of wool and I like to keep track of which breed of sheep, or if it is mohair from an angora goat, or if it is angora from an angora rabbit, or if I added sparkle or other fun things to the yarn.  This cozy has a little sparkle in it, but the camera does not pick that up.  Here are photos of the tea cozy without the lining.  I will be completing the lining soon.  Really.

New project I am working on.  The stitches are small and the yarn is dark, so it goes slow.  

I saw a lady with the most beautiful white/silver hair.  She was not that old, but her hair went white when she was younger than most.  I decided to let my hair go gray/white/silver and not color the natural high-lights.  I earned every one of them!  I am old enough to be a grandmother, even though I do not want to admit it.  This is my new hair cut, but the gray is not showing on the picture as much as it does in my mirror.  LOL

Most of the gray is around the ears and right on top.

I hope you had a wonderful day.  Stay c o z y warm tomorrow, it is to be a very cold day here.

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