Friday, November 15, 2013

Beard Championships

I purchase Netflix service and I prefer to watch movie on my computer rather than watch TV.  This way I do not have commercials and I can stop and start the movie at my will.  Tonight began watching Whisker Wars.  Who knew so many men grew beards for competition.  One guy said he occasionally got his beard caught in his pants zipper.  LOL  I like hairy men, but some beards are just ugly.  There is a competition event of free style.  They are able to curl, braid, and design a beard any way they choose.  As I was writing this I realized that the contestants are all men---as it should be.   I wonder if a woman has entered any of the competitions???  I might have a chance in the competition if I stop having my facial hairs waxed.  LOL  You need to check this out.  The link for the trailer on youtube is below.

Obviously beards are not something new.  Men wore them throughout history.  There is a new popularity in beards now and I think some of the popularity is due to Duck Dynasty, What do you think?

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