Monday, September 17, 2012

Blueberry Muffin Salt Soap

I have had those strong urges to create more soap.  Yes, I do have plenty, but the holidays are coming and I need to make some with more of a fall and winter theme.  I moved my soap to a storage area and all of my crafting items will follow.  Yes, I will still have the occasional knitting needle here and there and maybe a sewing machine, but I am overran with crafting items in the home!  So far, all is going well, except I needed batteries for my scale today and I did not have any in storage.  Eventually everything will run smooth.

Today I made blueberry muffin salt soap, but I think the name will change.  The smell is wonderful and it is harvest time, so I may need to give it a harvest name.  More pictures to come once I cut the soap loaves.

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