Monday, September 24, 2012

A Little Donation

At least once a year we like to take a donation to Union Rescue Mission.  It is a great reminder that, "only by the grace of God go I."  I think that is how the saying goes.  I want my son to go in with me if possible.  My son is 20. I noticed that the clientele has gotten younger.  It is sad that homeless people exist, but more so when they are young.  Before, the older men needed a place which offered food, shelter, faith, clothing, a set of teeth, help to find a job, and a way to get to and from work.  It is easier to see an older person living at a shelter where life has handed him or her some hard knocks such as illness of self or a family member, or the loss of employment.  Young people haven't had an opportunity to even experience life.  Many of our youth, especially those with special needs, are being tossed out on his or her own way too soon.  I know that parents have lives too, but your children become your live when you choose to have them.  Children are a choice!  A girl I recently met told me that her mother moved to northern Kansas and is living with a boyfriend.  At the age of 21, she is here in Wichita, on her own without transportation and she has disabilities.  I understand that she has a father living in town, but he lives with his mother and he is an alcoholic.  Another girl I know is 25, but not mentally able to make real choices due to disabilities and not having many life experiences.  (She was sheltered.)  She has a bicycle for her transportation.  Her mother moved to another state to live with her parents since she lost her job.  I know that 18 is the age most children are considered to be an adult.  Is your child ready to take care of all life hands him or her when they turn(ed) 18?  Were you ready when you turned 18?  All these children need is a little guidance and a helping hand.  They don't know how to make more than simple meals.  Is there someone you know that could benefit from your guidance?  Now, I will get off of my soap box and get back to the original topic.  I took a photo of my son in back of the soap before he left the van.  He was playing with a piece of gum, so he has the grins.  Yes, his shirt says "Amazing in Bed," under that in small letters, it says, "I can sleep for hours."   I did not do this blog for you to pat me on the back for donating.  I did this blog to remind you that you can make a difference, even if it is a few minutes of your time and a little encouragement.  Teach your children to also donate.  Thank you for reading my blog.  I hope you and yours are truly blessed! 

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