Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who is Winning?

Crafters are always talking about their stash.  I have a stash of fabric, yarn, spinning fiber, soap making materials, toilet paper, etc.  Yes, people make fun of my supply of toilet paper, but that is one thing I do not want to run out of.  Do you have a stash?  They say that the person that has the most when they die wins.  Now exactly what do they win?  The family does not win when they have to sort through a mess when they go through your belongings.  God forbid my family having to sort through my things.  I am not a hoarder by definition.  It is someone that collects and never gets rid of or throws away things.  I pare down a lot of my things and then buy new and better things.  LOL  I give away and donate many things.

bottom 6 cubes

Top 3 cubes


More Overflow.  Can you tell I like the color pink?

I have been organizing my fabric and placed it on cards, rolling it up and organizing it by color and theme.  I started buying little cubes and putting it in the cubes.  That did not work since I ran out of room and I bought 9 of them.  I saw some cheap bookshelves at Wallie World and if I embellish them with some trim boards, etc.  I think they won't look too bad.  The shabby chic ones at Target are already embellished, but the cost per bookcase is $179.00.  I think the 29.99 will win out, even with the trim board, they will be much lower in price.  But, the shabby chic ones are so pretty.  LOL
I have also purchased a ribbon holder to help remove the clutter and ciaos.  I had a re-purposed ribbon holder but it took up too much room and it did not handle all of the ribbon.  With the little pieces of ribbon and lace, I have devised a way to store them.  I want to say that there are many clever ways to store them out there.  I read up and looked at many a blog.  I tried to cut pretty shapes out of cardboard and glue pretty paper and fabric on them.  The cardboard was hard to cut and the tags were difficult to make.  The plain old fashioned manilla labels were not formal enough.  I like the look of old or worn tags, but even when I know that the stains are tea died, I do not want to touch them.  Am I the only one that feel that way???  Well, I finally decided to laminate some rose sticky notes I purchased around Valentine's Day.  I placed the small ribbons and lace around the roses and they all fit nicely into my red rimmed enamel bowl.

Ribbon storage in progress.  Can you tell that I like pink?

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