Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Ruby had a haircut tonight.  Most people think Angora rabbits are cute, but they do not know all of the work we do to remove hair prior to spinning it.  Angora rabbits do not like the heat.  You can probably guess this since they have the thick coat. I like Angora to spin with, but I find that one ply of Angora and one ply of a soft wool, such as Merino work best.  If I just use Angora, it tends to be too fragile and does not hold shape well.  I hope everyone enjoyed the rains today.  Maybe it will fill up the lake.  LOL  Have a great evening and many blessings to you all!  Dawn


Mistie said...

So cool that you supply and spin your own yarn!

I'll Pour said...

Thank you Mistie!