Friday, February 26, 2010

On-Line Dating Scammers From Internet Dating

Antonio Vega, Connecticut
Joshua Stone, Tulsa/Oxford, England
Daniel Mills, Atlanta, Georgia/Romania
Mark Green, Clinton, Missouri/+233543604461/Guhana
I thought I would share pictures and information on the 4 men that have asked me for money during my Internet dating experience. They were from the dating sites of eHarmony,, and Love and Seek. Scammers usually have the following traits in common.
*live in larger cities, making it harder to get information on him since there are many with that name
*live in states other than Kansas
*will move anywhere for true love
*work out of the country often
*ask for the money while they are in another country (they probably lived overseas the whole time and just said they were from the US)
*self employed (engineers and contractors are common)
*usually the photos on the dating sites are more professional looking
*the men are usually more attractive than the run of the mill men
*they are in love with you right off the bat
*you receive beautiful love letters over the Internet from them

*they encourage you to make future plans ans you may even be encouraged to shop for a larger home
*they will obviously make future plans and share them with you
*they may have a child they are raising by themselves due to a bad divorce or death of spouse
*if you talk on the phone, they have an accent and they usually claim is English, but it is African or not detectable and they are very hard to understand
*they refer to you as a spouse or Mrs._____________ or use a pet name during all conversations
*he wants you to be on a web cam, but he won't be able to use one on his computer, even if you send him one
*he will ask you if you don't trust him
*he will tell you that he wants to be yours forever
*the requested money may be need to be sent to another person or company or motel manager
*the money may be for various reasons, such as motel expenses, food, clothes, medical expenses for an ill child, equipment for the company, etc.
*you will be the only person he can count on since his family is deceased or estranged

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