Monday, February 22, 2010


Over the weekend I was able to work in the basement studio and complete some batts to sell at the local yarn store. A batt is a fiber or combination of natural or unnatural fibers combed for spinning. I usually dye the fibers and then comb them in the large electric drum carder. This will open, mix, and line up the fibers to prepare them for spinning. My batts usually contain at least one breed of sheep wool, but usually several breeds, some Mylar sparkle, (got to have that girlie bling), maybe some of the following: silk, milk fiber, corn fiber, cotton, yak, silk noels, soy silk, nylon blending fiber, recycled pop bottle fiber, recycled sari silk, recycled denim, recycled yarn, string, feathers, fabric bits.........................

I like to place the batts in a plastic bag. All fiber enthusiasts like to touch, smell, and squeeze all types of fiber. They do not purchase without doing this regiment, if at all possible. For these people, who are the ones that purchase my product, I cut out a little heart shape in the plastic bag. I add little extras for spinning in the bags, so I don't make the hole very just in case these extras would get pulled out. In these batts, I added extra fibers and tried to place a loosely made fiber flower in the center of the package.
The tea cozy was lined this weekend also. I only used one ply of fabric and slightly gathered it at the bottom in the serge sewing. The lining is also loosely tacked, allowing the yarn stretch without breaking the threads.
I also finished another Sunday Undie rose. I have a picture of the rose and also a second picture of the rose with the two types of yarn used in making it.
Blessings !

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