Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I worked on a little remodeling at home this weekend. The birds, (large parrots), liked to eat and peal the paneling behind their cages. I could patch the wall, or remove the paneling and see what was under it. I assumed that there would be glue, since the paneling was installed at the time the house was built. I removed the first piece of paneling and I saw writing with glue. What do you think from the picture what it would say??? Well, It actually says "I love Carol."

I saw a powder puff made from Merino wool. I decided that I needed to make some for me. I practiced a couple of times and found that it is hard to keep the wool together without it pulling out of the puff. I think I have it figured out, finally. I do think it may matt a little since the wool is so soft. Most all wool is soft, until it is spun, so other kinds will work fine too.

I painted my bathroom walls. They came out very pink, compared to the pale pink that they were. I wanted to put up new drapes and I picked out the fabric. I wanted a valance with little yoyo's along the bottom of the valance. I started making the yoyo's and I changed my mind. I placed off white lace curtains up instead. The other print would be too bright since the walls were so pink. Well, I decided to keep going with the yoyo string. I placed rose buttons every two yoyos. I think the yoyo garland is such a cute thing. It can be used anywhere a garland can be used. What do you think?

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