Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Undies!

Today, on the way to my mother's house, I came across a windmill where all of tCheck Spellinghe fan parts, except one were missing. In the background, I had oldies playing on a CD. My first thought about the windmill, was it being past it's prime. Then I thought that I am a little past my prime too. I know you are wondering what this has to do with Valentine's Day. Well, I went a little further and a farmer had a sign made with a windmill fan on one side and a cow on the other. The windmill fan looked like the end of an arrow and that put me in the Valentine mood. This year is the first year I will not have a Valentine, except for my sweet son. My spouse of 32 years passed away from lung cancer this year. So, I decided to find a new Valentine and have a Valentine give away. I do not mean a man, necessarily, just someone that follows my blog and is interested in the give away. Soon, you will see what I am going to give away. Keep watching.

I am posting 3 new Sunday Undies. These are hotpads to put under your teapot. They are fancy enough for Sunday, but can be used for everyday. They are not intended for a burning pan from the stove to be placed on them. They are for placing under your teapot, or for placing under food items at the table. As you see, one of them actually has fabric backing with underwear designs on it! They all are made with homespun wool. 2 have velvet ribbons running through the crocheted design. A tiny blue rose backing is used with brown wool, which has little bits of blue mohair speckling the yarn.

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