Monday, December 8, 2008

Lovely Loot!

I went to the party and brought home a lot of lovely loot. I just had to go home and spin. I quickly had a spool of woodland violet yarn spun up. I couldn't decide what to ply the spool with. I tried more of the same yarn, (3rd sample), but it seemed too dark. I tried a light brown Shetland wool, (2nd sample), and it was OK, but it still did not do anything for me. I tried a purple satin ribbon, (1st sample), but it overpowered the yarn. I finally tried a roving of a light and dark rusty rose, (last sample). To me, it was the perfect choice. See pictures. Was I right with the choice?

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Fairy Spun Fibers said...

Ah, ha! So YOU were the one who got my MissBabs BFL! I'm so glad you got it! I like all the samples you spun up, but you're right: that last one is the best one. How did you like working with her BFL?