Friday, December 5, 2008


I am looking forward to the spinning guild party tomorrow. We are to bring a gift that is fiber related and we will bid on these gifts using fake money, (provided by our guild). This sounds like so much fun! Fiber related can be almost anything. It can be yarn, fabric, wool, knitting needles, yarn totes, wool, or anything I put in wool before spinning it. Hm mm what should I take. I am more excited about what I will bring home. I hope it will be something that sparkles. Speaking of sparkles, I found a button on the kitchen table. I haven't cleaned it completely off for a while. I purchased several mail order items this month. When the packages came I opened them on the table. One of them sent me a button with little, hot-pink rhinestones circled around the inside of a light pink button. What pretty bling! I put it in the center of one of my Sunday Undies. Sunday Undies are hotpads that I make for under teapots. They are usually a little fancier than you purchase in the stores and most of them are made with homespun wool. These hotpads are special, but not too frou fru to use everyday. The Sunday Undie I put it on was full of bling. It is mostly purple, but it has a few streaks of pink and lots of sparkle on one ply of the wool and the second ply is made from vary narrow satin ribbon. The sparkle in the wool and the shine from the satin make such shine! The bling button just set it off. What do you think?

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