Sunday, March 28, 2021

Grandma's Memories

 As I was sewing a binding on a small wall quilt, memories of my Grandma Mary Johnson appeared.  Years ago she made a quilt for me.  Off and on, I got poked by a pin, but it took me some time to locate that pin and remove it.  In this case, the pin had a glass head.  I was able to use a pair of pliers and break the glass head and the pin slipped out easily.  A couple of months ago, my brother gave me a small quilt that my grandmother made for him.  He has had the quilt for many years.  (30+ years)  The quilt fits a twin-size bed, but not a full-sized bed.  I have a smaller bed, so I decided to use the quilt. Every once and a while, I felt a little pin-poke.  Yes, this quilt also had a pin left in it when grandma quilted the quilt.  Ha! Ha!  It was more difficult to remove this pin because it had a flat metalhead.  I had to maneuver the pin to a seam and guide it through 2 stitches.  This story is not to make fun of Grandma, but to share funny memories. I love these old memories of Grandma!  

Yesterday my granddaughter asked me why the dog's ears were sticking up like they were?  My comment back was that he had his listening ears on.  


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