Friday, September 14, 2018

Using Nylon Buttonhole Thread in Spinning

I have been spinning some lace weight fiber.  I get bored easily and need to try something different.  That is why I vary the size of the wool, the breed of wool, and the color of wool I spin.  I also like to add to the wool some sparkle, silk, recycled sari silk, banana fiber, corn fiber, recycled denim, pineapple fiber, etc.  In the picture above on the bottom right side, the trivet is made from lace weight BFL fiber in mostly fall colors.  The skein of yarn on the top right is the same yarn as the trivet.  On the left side it is the same yarn, but it is auto wrapped with vintage nylon buttonhole thread as I was spinning the yarn.  The thread is allowed to do pretty much as it pleases and mostly dangles by the orifice.  There may be a lot of thread in one area and less in other areas.  It gives the yarn an interesting look. I loved the look of the yarn with the vintage cameo buttons.  I tried to give you a visual of them with the yarn.  The nylon thread will catch the light on occasion.  A brighter colored thread or a thicker thread would give the yarn more interest and zest.  I hope you have a great weekend!  Dawnie

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