Friday, September 14, 2018

More wool locks, etc.

I haven't made many things as of late.  I threw my back out and I spent several days in pain with a lot of Icy Hot patches and muscle cream along with some kind of muscle relaxer/pain pills.  I was a little out of touch.  I couldn't bend without major hurt in the lower of my back, especially on the right.  You just don't know all of the things you use those muscles for until you need them.

I finished one of the fireplace mantle cloths.  I made this one a little wider so it could be used on a buffet or a dresser.  If it is too wide, it can be easily folded on the back side.  This mantle cloth is for the fall.  It has tiny deer heads on it along with pastel leaves on a dark golden metallic brown background.  The reverse side has a burlap look alike fabric.  All along one side is long sheep wool locks.  They are kettle/rainbow dyed with primarily gold color.  There were also yellow, purple, brown, and orange colors in the dye pot.  I love the longer locks and the bling in the fabric!  I don't have a mantle, but my mom does, so I made use of it.

up close

This is a table runner I completed this summer.  I love the vivid colors.  It really makes a great mantle cloth too!

The harvest mantle cloth.  It has a blackboard-like background with vivid fruit and veggie pictures and canning jars.  The other side of the cloth has a coral fabric.  This is such a playful fun fabric.  I could see some canning jars on this the mantle or on a sideboard and this cloth used for a sideboard cover/cloth.

When making the mantle cloths, I needle felted the wool locks onto the fabric and then sewed the seams.  I think the locks will be less easy to pull off.

My grand-baby turned 2 and my mom turned 87 on 9/11.

I noticed all of the curls in my grand-daughter's hair.  All I can see is wool locks for spinning.  LOL

I hope you are all doing well.  Have a great weekend!  Dawnie

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