Sunday, November 20, 2016

Zwartble Sheep

The one on the left is 4" tall.

Years ago I purchased some black raw Zwartble fleece.  It was pretty clean, but it had a strong sheep smell.  I spin a little with the wool, but I still have quite a bit left.  If you are unfamiliar with this breed, it would be normal.  The breed is not normally raised in Kansas.   Zwartble sheep originated in Holland.  It was considered to be a rare breed and has been slowly introduced into other countries.

"About The Breed

The Zwartbles name means Black with a White Blaze. A very noble yet elegant black sheep with a distinctive white blaze from poll to surround the muzzle, two to four white socks up to but not beyond the knees or hocks and undocked tails with a white tip. Like a short horn cow these sheep serve the dual purpose for meat and milk but have the addtion of a very fine thick fleece with plenty of crimp.


Zwartbles fleece is medium to fine with excellant crimp along the length of fibre. It's dense black to chocolate brown with sunbleached tips. There can be fine silver hairs dispersed throughout the wool which gives a lustre appearance but it is not a lustre fleece. Older ewes have white hairs on their quarters but this is not kemp."

I spun some of this fleece.  I spin thin, so there will not be lumps in the yarn.  It is just easier for me to spin thin with most fleece. I made the two tiny hats above.  They are for decorating packages at Christmas.  I wanted to make small items to use the Zwartble yarn.  I plied the Zwartble with variegated blue, white, and red which happened to be on the spool.  The hat looks like I tried to make stripes on it, but it was accidental.

How was your weekend?  We had a little family time.  You have got to hold them now because they grow up fast!  Dawnie

Blue eyes and red hair?

Grand-baby #2.
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