Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Stitches

I decided to learn new crochet stitches and patterns.  I will make smaller items such as dishcloths/washcloths using these new stitches.  One of the new stitches is the strawberry stitch.  I only placed one row of the strawberry stitches in this dishcloth/washcloth, but I think it sets it off very well.

I also tried a type of a puff stitch.  It was a pain in the hiny and took a long time for me to complete the dishcloth/washcloth.  I edged it with an different type of edging called a block edging.
After I finished it, I washed it since the color was light and it looked a little more dull in color than it was when I started making the washcloth.  After it was almost dry, I realized that I made a mistake and added one too many stitches on one of the blocks.  Re-do time!

I recently made a washcloth/dishcloth in a basket weave pattern.

What have you made lately??? 
Have a great week!
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