Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dying Wool

If I purchase wool or yarn at the yarn store, I miss out on a lot of fun.  I like to purchase wool directly from a farmer.  I scour the wool.  Then I place wet scoured wool in a pot of water treated with vinegar or salt, depending on the type of dye I plan to use.  This will allow the dye to activate and stay on the wool.    I like to place a stripe of powdered dye across the pot on one end.  Then a couple inches away I place another stripe of powdered dye.  I usually make 3 to 5 stripes of dye.  I keep in mind that blue next to yellow will make green.   Yellow next to red will make orange.  Green next to red will make brown.  Too many colors will make a big pot of muck!

Drying freshly dyed Shetland.wool.

I also like to purchase a whole fleece.  It is usually a little less expensive that way.  My favorite wool to spin is long, white,  kid mohair,  It costs as much as $65.00 per pound in some places.

Happy day!  Dawnie

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