Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gift Giving

When giving gifts for all occasions, most of us look for gifts that don't cost us an arm and a leg.  I like to give soap gifts and add a washcloth or dishcloth.  I came upon something called an almost lost washcloth.  While I was searching the blog Simply Notable where this free pattern was in, she also included a mini almost lost washcloth for a facial or even for dishes.  The links to these patterns are:

I have tried to make the mini almost lost washcloth.  The pattern calls for worsted weight cotton yarn and a size 7 or 8 set of knitting needles.  I usually have smaller weight yarn on hand, so the first one is thinner than I desire.  When I made the second one, I used two strands of cotton thread and a smaller needle.  I like the look better, but it doesn't look like her examples.  On the third mini washcloth, I used size 4 knitting needles and sport weight cotton yarn,  I liked the look of this best.

 If you want something handmade, quick to make, not so ordinary, and cheap to make, this is a perfect gift for women.

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