Thursday, August 13, 2015

Part 3, Clearing things up about organic, sustanable....

What is the difference between fragrance oil and essential oil?
This answer is pretty simple;  however, soap fragrances may be blends containing both fragrance oil and essential oil.  Fragrance oil is less expensive and is basically an artificial smell.  It is similar artificial flavor in food.  Essential oil is extracted or distilled from the actual plant.  Essential oils are great for aromatherapy.  Soap makers like to create soaps that are all natural, but it is very expensive to make some fragrances, such as rose essential oil.  Due to the lower costs and the sheer variety of fragrances, soap makers generally use fragrance oils.  

Something that can be carried on for a long time without severe damage to our environment.  If I use tallow or lard in my soaps it would come from the fat of a dead animal.  Tallow and lard are considered sustainable.  They are not in danger of extinction and the cattle and/or pigs do not destroy the land during their lifetime.  If I use palm oil, most palm is not replenished, so most is not sustainable.   Orangutangs are loosing habitat size due to palm harvesting   Palm oil comes from the fruit of the palm tree.  It can be grown anywhere where there is a lot of rainfall but it originated in Africa.  Palm, tallow, and lard makes a nice hard bar of soap.  I have noticed more soap makers going back to using tallow and lard and using much less palm oil. 

An organic substance or matter would be a living substance or derived from a living substance where it had been made or grown without the use of artificial chemicals or ingredients. A carrot harvested without artificial chemicals could be considered organic.  Usually organic food or products are higher in price to purchase.

I hope some of this has answered your questions instead of making more questions.  LOL  Please send me a comment if you do or do not agree with me.  Thank you for viewing!

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