Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Creamy Coconut and Faded Rose Soaps

New Soap
Creamy Coconut
Still in the mold

Ingredients:  (In plain English) coconut oil, coconut milk, raw cow milk, lye, unrefined shea butter, sunflower oil,  fragrance oil, eggs, titanium dioxide, coconut soap shreds, rosemary oleoresin extract, flax seeds crushed, mica 

This should be a nice creamy bar of soap with added oils of 5%, not including the coconut milk fat, and raw cow milk fat.  I get the raw milk from an Amish Dairy.  The eggs give the bar a silky-smooth texture.  The eggs come from my urban farm hens.  Shea butter is great for moisture and sunflower oil helps retain moisture in your skin.  Titanium dioxide whitens the soap.  Brown mica is swirled in the soap for decoration.  Rosemary oleorsin extract helps keep the extra oils/fats from going rancid.  Flax seeds and shredded coconut soap are mostly for decoration.  In order to make soap, lye is needed, but it disappears once suponification occurs.  During the 4-6 week curing time, the soap will loose some of the water/liquids and the bar will become lighter.

This is not vegan soap since it contains raw cow milk and eggs.

This is not organic, even though a few items may be organic, such as the eggs.

This is made with sustainable products.

For those viewers that do not make soap, does it help to explain why certain ingredients are used?

New Soap
Faded Rose
On the curing rack

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