Saturday, February 28, 2015

I have too many projects in my mind.  If you are not crafty or artistic, you may not understand that your head gets so full of ideas that you need time off of life to fulfill some of the ideas.  Well, I ordered a few items to help make a project or two.  While I was looking around, I stumbled upon purple Ball canning jar lids and bands.  I thought I would show you the new ones with the purple jars.  Unfortunately my lids look more blue in the photo.  I also ordered some solid lids for my project.  I ordered red and pink.  The pink arrived.  It is more of a purple tinge than I would like.  I placed a bubblegum pink folder next to one photo for comparison.  These are not for regular canning, just for storage.  I also ordered wooden spoons for my laundry soap and they came in the mail today.  I had to share, just in case you haven't viewed the new Ball canning rings and bands in purple.

See how the pink has a purple tinge.

They sit outside the back door hoping for a treat.  

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