Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow, Chickens, and Soap Sacks

It is a snowing here.  We probably have about 5" on the ground.  No, I am not complaining.  5" is nothing compared to the 3 feet or more of snow that the New York area of our country has.  Both of the kids shoveled snow.  One did the front and one did the back.  I am grateful.  The dogs stayed in.  The chickens were a little reluctant to go out, but they did. 

As you see, we have an assortment of types and sizes of chickens.  This may explain the varied egg sizes and colors we get.

I have been making soap sacks.  I wrote out directions in case someone else would want to make them also.

Click on the directions and they will enlarge.

Front and back.  As you see, there is one seam and it is centered in the back.

As you see, I frayed the end about 3/8".  This way it looks a little country/rustic.

I hope you are having a good weekend!  We are enjoying the sunshine along with the snow.  It is a perfect crafting and cleaning weekend!

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Have a great weekend! Dawnie

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