Sunday, September 28, 2014

Beads in Yarn



I have wanted to place beads in hand spun yarn, but I was apprehensive due to the small orifice on my spinning wheel.  I learned how to place beads onto yarn as I knit and I recently purchased a tool to help with this.    It is called the Fleegle Beader and you can purchase one here:
In order to string beads onto hand spun yarn, I
used pink thread with pink beads and plied it to blue yarn.  To string the beads onto the thread, I used a bead spinner.  I have one that is battery operated, but I am not sure where I put it.  They is what happens when you get older.  You can't find things and you don't know what you are looking for.  LOL  I like the new designs where you just spin them by hand.  I got a junior sized bead spinner.  Mine is like this:  
I watched a how to video on You Tube.  I can't string beads as fast as the video, but it is fun to try, unless you have to pick up beads.  LOL

If you purchase one of these, I would suggest to get two needles or hooks because they are small and easy to misplace or loose.  I speak from experience because I misplaced mine in plain sight.

 I hope you have a great weekend!  Dawnie

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