Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Canning Jar Decoration Ideas

I wanted to decorate canning jars a little differently.  Every year I try something a little different.  Obviously canning jars are not just for canning.  Many gifts can be placed into canning jars.  Gift ideas include, but are not limited to:  canned food, aprons, pot holders, dry spiced tea mix, hot chocolate mix, and cake/cookie/brownie mix.  When you give a gift in a jar, you want the jar presentation to look nice, but fresh and have a little oomph.  This time, I am concentrating on the lids.  I purchased jar lids and rings.  On the lids, I cut out fabric rings and glued them on.  I also cut larger fabric rings and used a yo-yo method and wrapped the fabric over the lids and sewed them along the edges.  I got a little carried away and made lids with lace on top of fabric.  I used antique linen fabric for more.  I centered items on the fabric before attaching them to the lids.  If you hadn't noticed, I centered a cottage, a rabbit face and food, a toile scene, and a tea cup of flowers.  I found that the best glue for this project is rubber cement.  Other glue bubbled on me, or turned colors.  If you are going for vintage, the discoloration is not necessarily a problem, but it you want it to look sleek and modern, it would be an issue.  When using the yo-yo method, it may be a little tighter fitting if it is placed directly on top of canned food with a sealed lid, but it should fit fine.  I have some other ideas and I plan to try those in the next few weeks.  I will share the results with you.

lace on top of fabric the yo-yo method

antique linen

centered decorations

I turned over one made the yo-yo way so you could see the back side.

Since I am from Kansas and our state flower is a sunflower, I like to decorate with them here and there.  I found a lady at the 4th of July craft fair, who made sunflower doilies.  This is her pattern.  She made many doilies with this same pattern.  I had to share this with you.
Have a great evening!  Dawnie

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