Saturday, July 5, 2014

Craft Fair in El Dorado

3 day craft fair in El Dorado
Pictures taken on July 5,2014
One more day to go.  Please come by Sunday.

Gun related signs.
Aprons made with a man's shirt.   The pockets are made with the cuffs.


More Jewelry.  This vendor had ammo related jewelry.

All hats for babies.

Vendor pose...................

Our dark room.  We tried to have Sunny Dispositions.

Western and farm art.
Re-purposed items.  I love the headboard shelves and  quilt rack.


More jewelry

Toy guns for children.


baby quilts
beer wind chimes

candles and melts

See the spinning wheel in the plate.

More jewelry

More re-purposed furniture with fabric rag rugs in the background.
Yard art---it already found it's way to our house and it is in the ground.  Made with 2 bowls and a candle stick.

Come by tomorrow if you are able.  Thank you for reading.

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