Saturday, May 17, 2014

Birthday Party

My son Dylan, Glenn, and Hope had a birthday party at All Star Sports.  Tracy Hawley made the two cakes which were requested by the kids.  I really enjoyed the helmet cake.  It was white and that is my favorite!!!  I am attaching some of the pictures of the party and of course the cakes.  One of the cute things that happened today was when Bruce said, "Yes Sir Ree Bob,"when he was talking to Rosie.  She piped up, "My name is Rosie, not Bob."  It was priceless!  I should mention that all of the kids have attended Chisholm Life Skills School.  The students have varied disabilities, some with learning disability and others with behavior issues.  Most of the kids have made friends for life at the school.  They do not care if his or her friend has the same physical and mental capabilities as they do. They think everyone has something to offer in his or her friendship..  We all had a good time!

Just for fun.....Joy modified her bed.  She has an Easter chick toy and a piece of plastic, along with her long tailed toy.  It just tickled me when I saw it the other day.  

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