Saturday, December 15, 2012

Little Flower Cotton Pot Holders

Inspiration Front

Inspiration Back

My Versions

My Favorite, but I ran out of yarn and the yarn store was out.  They no longer make the yarn.   I found a place on line and ordered it, but it will not make it under a Christmas tree this year.  LOL
I have been crocheting pot holders with an old design, but with a little larger yarn (most is dk size).  The yarn is mostly 100% cotton and even organic cotton.  I purchased an inspiration vintage pot holder and I found 2 blogs with photos and instructions.  The blogs are: and  I changed the pattern a little and tried a few different variations.  The original directions instruct you to crochet between the petal-like designs and then back up.  I crocheted between the petals on one all of the way to the middle of the potholder.  I found that if I just crochet down to the second row, it works best.  I also found it had a little petal slant if I crocheted back on the crocheted row going down instead of next to the row going down, when I crocheted back up the petal.   The pot holders take more yarn than you originally think, but they are large and thick.  I am sure that I would not make a profit selling them.  I doubt I could sell them for as much as I spent on the cotton yarn, let alone the amount of labor used in making them.  If I was frugal and used acrylic yarn, or scraps of yarn, I could make them for less money.   I am making them as gifts, so I was not so concerned with the price of the yarn.

They are fun to make, so you may want to give it a try.  Thanks for reading my blog.  Blessings to you and yours!  Dawnie 

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