Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crochet thread or is it yarn?

I ordered a free sample of #3 cotton thread from Handy Hands in Paxton, Illinois.  The #3 thread is a trademark of Lizbeth, 100% Egyptian Cotton, and comes in 80 colors which includes solids add multi's.  The sample came in less than a week.  The size 3 is about as small as I want to crochet with.  The colors are bright and the samples came on a cardboard spool.  When I felt the thread for the first time, it felt like there may be a tiny wax coating to keep it stiff enough to work with.  This is unconfirmed and just my opinion.   The stitch definition is very good and the thread is easy to work with.  All of the different colors make it nice to match with.  Handy Hands can be reached at or by phone at 217-379-3802.  I will be ordering some of the thread very soon.  

When does thread become yarn?  When I am spinning on my spinning wheel in public, I hear, "Look honey, she is making thread."  I've always heard it called yarn, but the cotton grandma crocheted doilies with was called crochet thread.  What do you think?

Thank you for viewing!  I hope you and yours are well and prosperous during the holiday season and in the year to come.  Happy Holidays!  Dawnie

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